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ALLERGIES AND REACTIONS: Allergies and reactions (include food, drug, latex, environmental) (include food, drug, latex, environmental) OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Other important informatiion WHAT
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I just wanted to introduce you guys tomy website which I'm working on over thesummer now that I've got over 800 videosit's just becoming kind of ridiculous totry to find things so I'm putting it alltogether all the free resources for thememorizing pharmacology book and I'mgoing to tell you what I've got going onnow and then what we've got in thefuture so this is just going to be thehome page this is obviously the book andthen some other books goodnight farm has350 drugs if you want to listen to acouple more and then how to pronouncedrug names is the one that really helpsyou learn the medication names becauseyou can't remember what you can't spelland pronounce a couple of videos I putin but I may change those and then somereviews from Amazon that are prettypositive about the book but what I wantis really a place that you can alwayscome to and say okay well I've beensearching the web for this and that andand I know that I can always come tomemorizing pharmacology so we're goingto hope that you guys contact me emailis always best and let me know what youwant on the website and we're prettyresponsive so first thing you got tohave a medication prefix and suffix listthis one is vetted it's takes intoaccount the United States adopted namescouncil World Health Organization soshouldn't be any errors here if thereare let me know but Ian isn't a stem andI and II and zap am and Pam and lambthose are all not stems those are allthings that people have made up it's aheuristic cognitive bias but I won't getinto that with this video but just toknow that there shouldn't be any errorson this list the other thing the top 200drugs so if you want a two hour 7 videoseries on the top 200 drugs you can findit here and then if you just want 200drugs and just listen to the me go overthe pronunciation what the drug class isyou can find that here and then theirvarious lists pharmacy time some of thecolleges that ask me our students fromcolleges that asked me to make aplaylist for them no problem we'll makea playlist for you if you wantBoard Exam this is what I'm reallyexcited about over summer so I'll takeyou to respiratory we've put in threevideos already and by the end of summershould have videos for all of the sevenclasses main classes that we dogastrointestinal musculoskeletalrespiratory immune neuro cardio and thenendocrine and then some miscellaneousdrugs but you should see videos herewhich give you some really good boardexam prep no matter what your board examyou're trying to get to whether it's theNCLEX and you're just trying to makepharmacology faster so you can focus onthe other you know parts of the examwhile you're doing it or NAT Plex ifyour pharmacist USMLE some forth and soon and then I've got my books if youwant to look at what else I've...